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5 September 2010 – Greek salad and Rustic baguette

I asked D if he would prefer to have a Greek salad or chard pizza tonight, and he preferenced the salad, saying that he and R could take the leftovers to their show tomorrow for dinner (they are fed a … Continue reading

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4 September 2010 – Tomato and leek tart

Finally managed to have this tart again. I went to Berkeley’s Saturday Center St. market and tried out some dry-farmed tomatoes from Quetzl farm. I found them tasty but not as good a texture as those from Dirty Girl. Perfect … Continue reading

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3 September 2010 – Chicken, mashed potatoes and salad at the Sausalito Art Festival

I went to the Sausalito Art Festival to help D with final setup (like sweeping leaves out of the booth) and to see the show during the opening gala. There were wondrous hors d’oeuvres around that I did not photograph, … Continue reading

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2 September 2010 – Brie and baguette with fresh tomato slices

I seriously underestimated how much time it takes to put together a pie crust dough, and also how much time 90+50+10 minutes is! (That last is hard to underestimate, being a simple addition problem, but I managed.) Ambition: serve the … Continue reading

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1 September 2010 – Caprese

I had gotten Dirty Girl dry farmed tomatoes again at the Derby market, and indulged in a Caprese. I took over cooking rather prematurely (still in a crusher stage of the semester) because D&R were packing a truck for their … Continue reading

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