6 October 2010 – Provolone and padron sandwich; chard stems

Well. This WAS a punt. I got home too late to make the pasta I had planned, so D and I had a quick think about it.

There was provolone left over from the pizza, and bread given to us by our friend S. Plus I saved back a few padron peppers, and we had those, and there were chard stems, most still good, from the paleolithic. D suggested a grilled cheese sandwich, and also came up with the idea of putting some pepper slices into the sandwiches. Turns out it was terrific! I used about one padron pepper per sandwich, but could have used 1 1/2 times or twice that. I cut the padrons lengthwise and seeded them, then sliced crosswise into the teeniest thin slices I could manage, and sprinkled them on top of the provolone. Brushed the bread (Acme Pain de Mie) lightly with olive oil on the outside, and grilled in my panini press. I cooked the chard stems in I think oil (writing the 10th) with salt and probably pepper, and (mostly to speed them up) tossed in water to steam them. I’ll have to figure out later what wine we had with this – most likely two bottle-ends!


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