7 October 2010 – Penne with cheese sauce, sage butter, and tomatoes; bruschetta

This is a mashup of two recipes from the Pasta Bible, one of the best impulse purchases (at Costco) I’ve ever made.

A nasturtium pasta starts with shallots cooked in butter, with cream or half and half added, and cubed fontina cooked till it melts. Did the cheese sauce from that one, but it’s not nasturtium season. This sauce used up the Fontina Valle d’Aosta from the pizza. Another pasta from TPB is topped with sage leaves cooked gently in butter, with cherry tomatoes halved and added for a brief cook. I used some of our pink girl tomatoes from the bowl, but otherwise pretty much did this sauce. The sage/tomato pasta from TPB is topped with Roquefort and broiled briefly before the tomato/sage sauce is added. I had the Cheese Board gorgonzola dolce and used that, and it was great.

The bin of Pink Girl tomatoes had others mixed in, I think, b/c I can see the difference within the large batch D bought, and the PGs are much better. I opened a few tomatoes and kept the best two for the bruschetta, while cooking the rest for the sauce. Worked.

D brought up an Uvaggio Barbera – a California version of an Italian great, made as table wine, not as a Californian vanity plate. Love it! We were turned on to this wine at a wine tasting at the Bowl.

We call some of the Acme loaves “bunny bread.” You can see why, in this slice posed by D.

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