8 October 2010 – Salmon grilled over rosemary; parsley potatoes; broccoli stems

I was trying to think of what I could cook when getting home rather late, and rather tired – but still, something that would go with a nice “weekend wine.” Tra la!

I thought of grilling some salmon, and liked the idea of parsley potatoes. I made some of these recently and was amazed by how good they are, when we think of them as so plain and ordinary. They’re yummy! We had some Yukon Golds in the cupboard that were starting to sprout they’d been there so long, but they cleaned up nicely. Just boiled them in salted water and reheated in butter, tossing in some chopped parsley near the end. Had a lot of stems of broccoli in the fridge from last Sunday’s neighborhood potluck, where we brought sesame-garlic broccoli florets. So I peeled and steamed those, and reheated in butter with salt and pepper.

The salmon was Coho – $10.99/lb – from the Bowl, upon recommendation of the guy who sold it to me. I got extra, b/c by the time I got home from work I realized I could use leftover grilled salmon in a pasta after the Kermit Lynch party on Saturday. The fillet was very thick for most of its width, but very thin for some of it, so I cut these parts apart. I used the Weber grilling books to tell me that thick salmon should be grilled at high heat for 6-8 minutes on the flesh side, and the 2-3 on the skin side. The flesh side (oiled and salted) was placed on the hot grill over substantial amounts of rosemary branches from our faithful bush. The skin – which faces the grill after flipping – true to Weber’s promise, stuck to the grill, allowing me to slip a spatula under the flesh, leaving the skin behind on the grill. The thin part of the salmon I cooked almost as long, b/c I didn’t want med-rare, but thoroughly cooked for the pasta the next night.

Here’s the wine:

OK, srsly… the wine was one I think we got at the first Bowl wine tasting. A gorgeous Pinot gris, about $22 (ouch!) and a pale copper color. I am so glad D remembered we had it and chose it for this dinner!

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