13 October 2010 – Caprese before the Planning Commission meeting

The last Planning Commission meeting on the West Berkeley Project tonight. We had to attend, at least to witness, though not to speak this time. It was a pretty miserable experience, seeing pretty much everything we argued for be ignored – but we knew that would happen from the start, didn’t we. One of those things you have to do, even though it’s futile.

At least dinner was good 🙂

I bought a couple packs of Gustosella fresh buffalo mozz at the Cheese Board yesterday, to go with the outstanding Dirty Girl farm tomatoes, and some basil I already had in the fridge. Our basil was not happy about growing this summer, and we have had to buy it several times. I just used one of the packs of mozz, and about four small tomatoes, with basil leaves over the top. I chopped a largish half-fillet of anchovy into fine bits (we get these canned at Costco) added some Star capers, and put salt and pepper over everything.

We had a little bit of D’s latest bread left, and 1/3 of a bottle of Saint-Sauveur (just enough for before a meeting), so it was a great meal. I can’t figure out, though, why the buffalo mozz will not drain when left on a rack over a plate, but as soon as I put it out on a dinner plate, it leaks white liquid into the center. Owel.

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