17 October 2010 – Invented soup and caprese for the first day of winter

We had planned to have the other Gustosella buffalo mozzarella for lunch in a caprese, but with the cold, rainy weather we decided on something warmer – grilled cheese (Comte) sandwiches with thin-sliced padron peppers in them, and reheated roasted tomatoes and garlic from last night. D didn’t want to have the caprese for his entire supper b/c it was only 1/2 of a mozzarella ball for each of us, but as part of a dinner, it sounded fine to him. So I made the caprese, and he made a soup.

De based his soup on some organic chicken broth from Costco he had open in the fridge, and added what he found in the fridge and pantry – to wit: scallions, celery and fennel, sauteed in butter with salt and pepper;  thin-sliced broccoli stems; farro; and a tiny bit of hard sausage left over from who knows when. He sauteed some large, very dry bread cubes in butter, with salt, pepper, and thyme and tossed them into the soup bowls. They softened beautifully and added a marvelous texture. It was a wonderful soup!

We had a Piemontese Barbera called Briccotondo, which we have had before, and we enjoyed it with this meal. It’s about $10 at the Bowl.

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