20 October 2010 – Bread, Brie, and veggies for Movie Night

I asked D if he wanted to watch a PBS film I was checking out for a possible class showing, and he thought it would be interesting, so we planned for it. (The Journey of Man – not enough science, so the answer turned out to be ‘no’)  He said “we could pretend we had to go to the Planning Commission, and then not go,” which meant, “quick and easy dinner so we can get to the movie early.”

He bought a very tasty creamy brie called “Delices”, I think at the Bowl, and toasted up some slices of a defrosted leftover Acme long French baguette to spread it on.  He set out some pistachios, but I don’t think I had any of those, there was so much other food!

We still had some of the David Tanis cumin-coriander olives, so he got those out. He also prepared a slew of nice, raw veggies.

He cut up a pear and we had that for dessert, along with some extraordinary dates I bought at the Derby Street market a couple of Tuesdays ago.

We had some of our wonderful Chateau Saint-Sauveur Cotes du Ventoux with this. It was a great dinner, made all the more so by not worrying about testifying before the Planning Commission.

And by the final dessert, which can be seen in the original photo – a most excellent chocolate chip cookie made by my friend J.

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