21 October 2010 – Potato soup; bean bruschetta

D invented a most excellent potato soup. He modeled it on a butternut squash soup I learned to make from the chefs at Pizzaiolo, who kindly just told me how to do it when I asked.

D cut up a yellow onion and cooked it slowly in a stick of butter for a long time… then added chopped potatoes, wtaer, and milk, and let them boil. He added rosemary, and “plenty of” salt (which is not really necessary with the squash, since the butter adds enough) and boiled till they potatoes were done, and them put them through the blender bit by bit. He didn’t erase all the potato lumps, which was nice. I think he added extra water and/or milk upon finding the blent stuff a bit pasty. Anyway, it turned out to be a delicious soup!

He had cooked the beans a couple days before and spread them over toast, which was a great way to use them. We also had a Dirty Girl dry-farmed tomato. We also had a little bit of this wonderful French creamy briefrom the 20th called “Delice”. It was great on the toasted rounds of baguette. We must have had leftover wines with this…

{Written on the 23rd}


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