23 October 2010 – Beef stew with unexpected flavors

When passing a bay tree this morning, I thought of beef stew, and mentioned it to D, who liked the idea for this cold and rainy day. He made a very interesting version, with flavors of orange, juniper berry, and fennel, as well as the usual beef, onion, carrot, potato, and mushroom.

We have tucked away more for this week’s dinners, and a couple of batches for the freezer, too. We didn’t make bread today, so when D went to the Bowl I requested an Acme Levain, and that is what we had with this dinner. Nice to have it again.

We had a V. Sattui wine with this dinner – Sattui Family Red, which I think means “we’ll make this from whatever we think will work at the moment, so we’re not telling you what it is, exactly”. It was very good, though I think it didn’t care for the orange flavor in the stew so much. We didn’t drink the entire bottle b/c it was 14.5% alcohol, which is quite a bit, and we didn’t want to have trouble sleeping again.


Here’s the stew on the stove:

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