27 October 2010 – Omelette with fresh herbs and cheese; haricots with onions; fresh tomato

I am really impressed with D’s ability to put together a wonderful meal without planning, and in a short time.

We sorted our VISA bill into budgets tonight before dinner, b/c the bread was not done yet, and when we were finishing I asked D what he had planned for dinner. He had no idea. In short order, he had a white wine on ice and was making an excellent omelette and a wonderful veggie.

Living in California makes a lot of things easier. For example, when D decided to make an omelette, he just had to run out back to pick chives to put into it. He also added Jarlsberg, salt, pepper, and the rest of the cream, which survived a ridiculous amount of time since he bought it for I know not what, back in the paleolithic. I learned this evening that the haricots are from a discount bag from the Bowl – they put veggies into 89 cent or 99 cent bags when they are, AFAICT, on their way out; but if you use them quickly, you have a real deal. These haricots are most excellent. D cooked some red onion, and briefly boiled the beans, then added them to the onion. The tomato is a Dirty Girl Farm early girl I got yesterday at the Derby market. DGF says they will have tomatoes into November this year, b/c of the cold summer leading to a late start for veggies. OK with me 🙂

D got a wonderful, crispy and interesting white wine up from the cellar (you know, a local architect tried to say we didn’t want a cellar – ha!) and it really was wonderful with the meal. It’s “Entre Deux Meres” and can be found at the Bowl for $8.99.

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