30 October 2010 – Fabulous pizza with fabulous wine

We had leftover Gaeta olives that wanted using, so D offered to make a tapenade out of them. I found a recipe on epicurious for pizza with potatoes, red peppers, rosemary, and olive tapenade.

(You can kinda tell it’s Bon Appetit and not Gourmet because of the reference to “real, imported fontina” as though that were not what you’d buy as a matter of course 😉 )  I used Valle d’Aosta from Cheese Board – this one was somewhat less opinionated than usual, but in fact it worked very well in this blend of flavors. The recipe calls for baby Yukon Gold potatoes, and I got kind of adolescent ones, so I had extra left over, and also had to pre-boil them a lot longer than it said.  I also cut them thicker than the specified 1/8 inch, and I really loved them that way.  I picked up a regular red bell pepper at the Bowl and then ran across some Canadian ones that were long and thin, and looked intriguing – so I bought one of those, too, and did a taste test. The Canadian one was sweeter, and I saved it for use in a sandwich the following day (with tapenade and cheese).

As usual I pre-cooked the crust (1/3 whole wheat, this time) for 1 1/2 minutes or so. Then I pretty much followed the recipe: fontina and parmesan, then potato slices, brush the potatoes with garlic oil, put roasted red pepper chunks over the top, and add bits of tapenade. The recipe calls for 1/4 tsp units of tapenade, and I think that would be somewhat preferable to use this size instead of the larger bits I used; but D thought it was great the way we had it. (Well, it was, but it would have been even more perfect 😉 ) The pizza is sprinkled with chopped rosemary (from the garden) and red pepper flakes at the end.

When he saw the ingredients, D thought the pizza sounded interesting enough to deserve this wine, which was a gift from my friend J. Wow, it was terrific – and went beautifully with the tastes of the pizza. All in all, a winner of a meal!

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