4 November 2010 – Pizza with Tuna and onions; broccoli; tomatoes

Tuna?? Yeah, well…

This is the second recipe I’ve tried from My Calabria by Rosetta Costentino.

I wish I could say I loved it, but I’ll admit I was underwhelmed. It was certainly good, but not fabulous. The pizza starts with a jar or can of olive-oil-packed tuna (I used Tonnino fillets b/c the brand Rosetta said was the best cost $13 at the Bowl, for 7 oz…) which is drained, and the oil (2T, but that was pretty much all there was) is used to toss a thinly sliced, large sweet (wasn’t so much) Italian red onion, with salt also added. Then minced garlic is briefly warmed in oil along with parsley. I used my own dough recipe b/c I was just defrosting a pizza’s worth, and I also did my “cook 1.5 mins first” technique, which makes it really easy to brush oil on the crust afterwards. The crust turned out extremely well (it was 1/3 whole wheat, of very recent vintage) – just exactly crispy enough.

The garlic/parsley oil is brushed on, and then the onion mixture is spread on the pizza and topped with the tuna. After cooking, one is supposed to add… forget the term, but tuna ovaries, pressed, dried, and shaved over the pizza. Think caviar. But I didn’t try that, substituting the recommended capers (which I love anyway) instead. Also, I had picked too much parsley, so I tossed on the extra after cooking, which is so pretty.

Maybe I miss the melted cheese 😉 Or the calories?

This pizza does not have the usual complement of veggies included, so I steamed up some broccoli and then tossed it in butter with salt, and also cut up a Dirty Girl Farm dry-farmed tomato. Made quite a pretty veggie bowl, I thought!

We had the leftover Monte Antico and last night’s wine with this, and both were appropriate for the meal. Here is the pizza, before and after cooking:

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