5 December 2010 – Tagine of lima beans, olives, and cherry tomatoes; pilaf

Walking home from the Kermit Lynch Beaujolais Nouveau party the Saturday before Thanksgiving, we stopped, as we usually do, at The Spanish Table. I found (as I usually do 😉 ) something I wanted to buy – this time a cookbook of spicy Moroccan stews called tagines. It seemed like the right season.

Most of the tagines are rather sweet sounding (fruit, cinnamon) and I wanted to have one that unequivocally went with a red wine, so I chose this one for starters (it was a hard-fought battle between it and one that uses those adorable little round eggplants, but that one has been saved for later). There is a lot of chopping, and I think I would have used one fewer large red onion and a hotter pepper (didn’t even notice one Anaheim in there) but overall, it was quite tasty.

Not mindblowingly interesting, but definitely an enjoyable meal. The predominant aroma was saffron, but the tastes were well mingled and the saffron did not dominate. The pilaf is a take off from The Sultan’s Kitchen – 4T sweet butter, 1 1/2 c. basmati rice, 2 1/2 cups boiling water, one chicken bouillon cube. I really love the rice cooked that way.

D brought up a Minervois he bought recently at Vino, a Grape Expectations outlet. Nice to find a good Minervois again. It was only $9.95, as you can see from the little orange sticker.

{Written the 6th}

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