7 December 2010 – Boudin Blanc sausage; parsley potatoes; carrots and sweet 100 tomatoes

This was a quick, pick-up meal. I had no ideas. Came home and dug around in the fridge, finding practically nothing, but there was bacon in the meat drawer. OK, found bacon/tomato pastas online and had some cherry toms left over from Sunday. But then, discovered the bacon was dead. Moldy 😦 Fortunately, I had noticed that we had one more of Christopher Lee’s Boudin Blanc sausages in the freezer when I went looking for walnuts last evening.

I defrosted the sausage in the microwave, boiled up a pile of Yukon Golds, and washed up some parsley that I bought at the Bowl this week (our backyard parsley is not ready to be attacked at this point). Cooked the boiled potato chunks in butter briefly, tossing in the chopped parsley. Scrubbed carrot for veggie, and the rest of the Sweet 100s from the tagine on Sunday, and it was a meal. We finished two leftover wines – the Cotes du Ventoux from last night and the Minervois from Sunday – both of which were fine, but neither of which was as good as it had been.

{Written the 7th}

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