18 December 2010 – defrosted turkey bits with “gravy” over leftover pilaf; baby some choi cooked in olive oil; leftover roasted tomato and garlic clove

Unusual dinner for a Saturday, but quite tasty and fun.

D defrosted a vat of small turkey pieces and reheated them along with the rest of the pilaf. He also cooked up some brown mushrooms to go with the turkey. Lacking gravy, he made a “white sauce”, but with whole wheat flour, and added blackcurrant jam to it. It was really good.

He also sauteed a choi – what we call “sum choi” (some choi) when we don’t remember which one it actually was. We had a few of the remaining roasted tomatoes and one clove or garlic each for lunch, and had one more of each for this dinner. D brought up a bottle of Pinot Noir that we got at a wine tasting at the Bowl, from Underwood Cellars. It has an unprepossessing taste that makes it a fine partner for food. It really went well with the meal. I expect we’ll get more.

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