27 December 2010 – Turkey pot pie with sage biscuit topping; salad

This is a favorite of ours for turkey leftovers. Fortunately we had three cooks, and D had stripped the turkey carcass and made stock the day before. Someday I will look up which book this is from (it’s chicken in the book, of course) but I think it’s from the San Francisco Junior League.

The plate looks rather bare. I should have intercepted and gotten medium-sized plates on the table, but not obvious Mom would consider that dinner 😉

The pot pie contains a large onion and a leek, garlic, a box of frozen peas, and a mammoth carrot, in addition to the turkey and stock, so there is no real need for a veggie on the side. However a salad can be a nice counterpart. The topping is neat – basically a pastry dough, but very wet and treated like drop biscuits, and including a lot of fresh sage. Interestingly, the dough is too salty to be used by itself as biscuits (without cutting the salt, of course) so evidently it is complementing the stew beneath it nicely in the pot pie itself. It’s really a delicious dish.

Rather prettier in its big pottery dish:

Wine. Was this really the only wine we opened for this meal? Could be that one of us (which would not have been D, R, or moi) opted for the house Corbett Canyon chard and eschewed the red. I’ll have to do some searching for more pictures.

{Written the 30th}

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