31 December 2010 – Salmon Quiche: The End

I decided to end this blog in keeping with its name, at the 365th dinner. It was a remarkably interesting one, suggested by Mom. She wanted to try a salmon quiche, having heard about this from somewhere. It turned out great!

I checked some recipes online, and we narrowed it down: regular salmon, not smoked; and for convenience this time, canned salmon, not fresh. She insisted on buying “red salmon” not “pink salmon”; given that red was more than twice as expensive, this obviously mattered a lot!

The recipe starts with a standard crust, so I used Mom’s recipe, which is The Best: 1cup flour (she prefers Pillsbury) 1/2 cup Crisco (in the fridge), 1/2 tsp salt, and about 2T cold water, though this time it took more than that. This recipe called for cooking the crust 5 minutes at 450 before adding the insides.

I used more parsley than the recipe called for, but mostly stuck to it pretty well, except for not knowing their definition of “an onion” (Mom’s: 1 ½ “ diameter; mine: 2 ½ inch diameter; I added some of my big onion after cutting up her little one).  The can of salmon is drained, and picked over to remove skin and bones, and then flaked over the slightly-cooked crust and then topped with lemon juice. The onion, cooked in butter, is tossed over the salmon. The parsley – very beautiful – is tossed over the top.

The oil/juice drained from the salmon can is mixed with eggs (6) and milk, the custard is poured over the other ingredients and the pie is cooked for… well, long. The pie cooked more slowly than expected, but it could have been that Mom’s oven does not heat to the temperature it says. Mom is having someone look at it. Anyway, by the time we expected to have dinner, the center was still clearly liquid, so we popped the dial up to 400 and it cooked just fine then. Oh, I also had to look up a way of mixing a “seasoned salt” substitute, but that turned out to be pretty easy. Mom didn’t have turmeric on hand, but the rest of the ingredients were present.

And the quiche was great!

We took out a bottle of J. Lohr from Mom’s excellent wine cabinet and that worked great for this meal. We also had broccoli, steamed 5 minutes and then tossed with butter and salt.





And that ended a year of great eating – just like our other years 🙂 This blog is now to be continued at: http://my365dinners2011.wordpress.com .  See you there!

{Written 12 Jan}


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