Pizza with Brussels sprouts and pancetta…again – 18 January 2011

D had to be out till 8 again, so I offered to try a second incarnation of this pizza, given we still had more pancetta and another ball of fresh mozzarella.

I was trying an increase of both Brussels sprouts and pancetta over last time, since I thought it was not quite as luscious as the one at Motorino (which, admittedly, would be hard to match). Last time I used 5 sprouts, which were small and of which I discarded the outside leaves (and core, of course) and one round of pancetta. This time I increased the pancetta by 50% and doubled the sprouts:

The pizza crust was removed from the freezer in the morning, and D put it into a bowl at perhaps 2pm? in a warm place. When I got home (6ish) it was almost over-risen, so I punched it down and let it rise again till time to stretch it out. Overall, the pizza was really fine, but it still was not …wet enough, despite my adding more olive oil. Not sure what is going on here. Good though.

I’m not a big believer in the importance of roundness in a pizza…

We had another wine we got recently at the Bowl, called Wrongo Dongo, which, remarkably enough, is not from Australia. It’s… French! Grape is unclear… Monastrell? (Yes! Wiki says it = Mourvedre or Mataro.)  It was quite good, and less than $8, so we’ll get more. Also, it has a neat label, that I keep thinking should be moving around or flashing on and off in random ways.

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