Grilled cheese sandwich; salad; and zucchini with mushrooms, before the symphony – 20 January 2011

We had some bread that was getting on, and needed something quick for dinner before the symphony, so I suggested grilled cheese sandwiches. D, who normally hates suggestions, liked that one.

We had some Dubliner cheese in the fridge, and D used that for the sandwiches, putting mustard and mayonnaise on them before sticking them in the pannini press. They were good. He made a salad with baby greens from the Bowl and some roasted (but not salted) peanuts, and just sauteed up zucchini with chunks of mushrooms. Our neighbor T was over for dinner, too, and D decided to show both her and R the Chateau Bonnet Entre-deux-mers (Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Muscadet) that we enjoyed so much the other night. He bought another bottle at the Bowl, and both R and T really liked it – especially for the price of $7.50.

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