Tomato, bacon, snap pea and artichoke pasta – 26 January 2011

D had a bunch of random veggies that he wanted to use up, and he added in a few things lying around, to make a really delicious and interesting pasta. His thing.

He bought some cherry tomatoes on the markdown shelf at the Bowl for 49 cents awhile ago, and wanted to use them before they went bad, even though they didn’t have much flavor, as it turned out. We still had two rounds of pancetta from last week, too, that needed eating. I opened that new jar of artichoke hearts, and so those were available. D cooked the two bacon curls, then added the halved tomatoes and the chopped artichokes, and some balsamic vinegar. He tossed in some chunks of sugar snap peas, which he had also bought from the markdown shelf (they have been great, but won’t last forever), and a large batch of oregano from the garden.

We had a Foral Douro with this, which we used to have in a previous label-incarnation several years ago. It was a little raw, but had a good taste. I think this is what I remember from before. I think I prefer the previous Douro that we had recently, also from the Bowl, but there was enough time in between that I really can’t say for sure.

The pasta sauce was really pretty while it cooked!

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