Spaghetti with brown and “pigs’ ears” mushrooms; Brussels sprouts – 29 January 2011

D wanted to try cooking spaghetti with the pigs’ ears mushrooms as part of the mix with brown mushrooms, having been less than pleased with the only-pigs’-ears version from a couple of nights ago. It really worked well — much better taste than pigs’ ears alone.

The PE mushrooms were actually the more interesting of the two, but somehow the “normal” mushrooms toned them down to being team players or something. Anyway: the mushrooms were simply cleaned (actually, this is not so simple…), diced or sliced, and sauteed in butter, then tossed over spaghetti

The pigs’ ears look perfectly awful, but they do add an excellent taste…

D boiled Brussels sprouts and then cooked some red onion pieces and tossed in the sprouts. Very good veggie.

The wine was a Christmas wine-of-the-month gift from D, chosen at the Bowl today I think… and most excellent! I totally enjoyed it – a 2007 “Vino Nobile di Montepulciano” with the unusual name or Avignonesi, which sounds like an Italian name for a French wine.

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