Avgolemonno – 31 January 2011

D was, in his words, “nonplussed” when, after not having time to bake the bread this morning, he decided to buy bread and make pannini, but found no appropriate bread at the Bowl on his way home. He was still trying to sort things out when I called from work at 7, but by the time I got home, he was defrosting some turkey stock, and starting this wonderful, and remarkably easy, soup.

He was also starting a bean soup for tomorrow, but that is another story. Tomorrow’s, in fact. He found a 4″ chunk of frozen baguette in the freezer, and one slightly too old pita, and popped them in the oven that was warm from heating the rising bread (which is finally having a chance to bake). I ended up toasting my part of the pita in the toaster oven, which improved it a bit.

The wine we got at the Bowl last Saturday – Vino della Casa. It was one we’d liked previously, and we certainly enjoyed it again, except that D is getting a cold, so I enjoyed the wine more than he did 😦

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