Bean soup with scarlet runner beans from the garden – 1 February 2011

D made a wonderfully tasty bean soup from a recipe by Patricia Wells, in Trattoria.

It has some nice veggies in it, too.

The beans are scarlett runner beans, which we grew a couple years ago in the garden. They are lovely plants, and also yummy beans. We kept some to plant and some to eat.

A whole wall of our mudroom is full of jars of good things like this. It’s not a big wall, but it’s a wonderful wall 🙂

D cooked all of the above last night, so he didn’t have to come home early from work to do it today.

He tried a new wine from the Bowl, which I thought was interesting and good. It wanted breathing, but most wines under $10 want something. This one was remarkable for having the worst-pouring bottle we’ve had in recent memory. Not a major deal, except it’s such a waste to have wine pouring itself all over the island tiles.

I think there was pancetta in the soup, but I have to come back and change the categories if there wasn’t. The soup makes its own stock, so there was no meat in it that way.

Also had a nice new bread that D made and started to bake. I took it out of the oven about 11pm last night. Always sad when bread is made when it is not needed immediately b/c it is so good fresh. It was good tonight, too, of course.

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