Steak and mushrooms; semolina with bay; broccoli – 5 February 2011

D had no idea, this afternoon, what he would cook for dinner. But as usual, he came up with a really good meal.

He found a flatiron steak in the freezer, which was left over from 6 November 2010 – R’s birthday dinner. He cut the steak crosswise into 3/8″ or so slices and browned them in olive oil and butter, then added sliced brown mushrooms and pieces of Pigs’ Ears mushrooms, as well as marsala and cognac for the final cooking.

He took to heart my playful proclamation this morning that we didn’t have enough dishes with bay, so he added semolina with bay (in fact, this was probably why he went searching for meat for a main dish). He boiled broccoli for our veggie (and later thought he should have put meat/mushroom juice over it so it was not quite so plain. But it’s good plain, really.)

He brought up a bottle of Sean Minor Pinot Noir that we got at a Bowl wine tasting last fall or so. It’s a great wine for $16, and we both enjoyed it. Went very well indeed with the beef.

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