Grilled ham and Appenzeller cheese sandwich; baby bok choi – 6 February 2011

D needed to work late, and I was very busy too, so I cooked a quick meal. It was yummy, though. When I suggested I just grill Appenzeller sandwiches on the panini press, D added Saag’s ham (Black Forest?) to his shopping list (the Super Bowl empties the stores).

I used up almost all the rest of the bread (still had bread, that’s why I didn’t make a pizza). Each sandwich had a slice of ham, quite a few shavings of cheese (which was from the Cheese Board), mayonnaise, and (one of them) seedy mustard bought in bulk from the Bowl. We both thought the sandwich with mustard was the more interesting one. I also asked him to get some baby bok choi, and I washed that well, let it dry, sliced it crosswise into about 3/4″ strips, and sauteed in butter, with salt and pepper. Very yummy veggie. Also a few picholine olives on the side. I think these are from the Cheese Board, too.

We checked out another wine that D chose at the Bowl to try out, – “Heraclio” from Grape Expectations. We liked it well enough, but it was not really excellent. Perhaps a bit too fruity or… rounded… something. Fine, just not great.

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