Personal pizza with Romas, asiago, onions, and basil; radicchio with prosciutto – 19 February 2011

Tonight’s personal pizza is from a photo of a wall sign in the Cheese Board’s wonderful cookbook.

I thin-sliced some onion and cooked it in oil till it was slightly cooked, though I don’t think I’d quite call it “wilted” or “softened”. I precooked the dough 1 1/2 minutes, then streaked it with a tiny bit of oil containing with a tiny clove of garlic, minced, which had been steeping in the oil for perhaps an hour (as much as one can steep in a puddle a sixteenth of an inch deep…). I grated 2 oz part-skim mozzarella and 1 oz aged asagio (Stella). Over the garlic oil, I strewed more than half the mozzarella, a bit of the asiago, and then the pre-cooked onions. I sliced a Roma tomato (from Mexico) moderately thin – probably between 1/8 and 1/4 inch slices – but realized when doing so that even Romas aren’t so good in the winter. Oh well. I salted and peppered the tomato slices, then mixed the remaining asiago and mozzarella (about equal portions left, I think) and tossed them over the onions and cooked the pizza about 6-7 minutes more. After cooking, I tossed small basil leaves over the top.

Remarkably enough, even with the winter tomatoes this was a tasty and satisfying pizza. I should have put more basil over the top, but other than that and making it be August instead of February, it was a fine pizza.

The veggie was radicchio wedges wrapped in prosciutto and grilled. Radicchio wedges have three sides, and I grilled these about 5 minutes on each side, on medium heat on my range grill. Cooking them slowly like that allows the radicchio to cook nicely without burning the prosciutto. I ate them while the molten cheese on the pizza cooled to a safe temperature!

I had the rest of the bottle of Valreas with this dinner. It was better the first night, but still really good.

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