Personal pizza with radicchio, mozzarella di bufalo, onion, soppresatta, and pecorino – 21 February 2011

OK, here’s the next try – and it was better. After last night’s attempt I decided 1) not to blanch the radicchio – perhaps La Ciccia’s radicchio is slightly crunchy b/c it cooks just right in the oven?? – 2) not to use ricotta, 3) to add onion for interest, 4) not to forget ingredients 😉

I didn’t pre-cook the crust, though in fact that might have been a good idea, in reflection. Maybe precook with onions, then add cheese and radicchio and cook, then add pecorino?  Anyway, I started with the buffalo mozz, half a ball, cut up two thin slices of Fra’ Mani sopressata (which has relatively small slices – perhaps 2 1/2″ in diameter?), strewed much less then 1/4 of a medium white onion over that (sliced very thin), and topped with a half head of radicchio, sliced very thin. This I cooked for about 7 minutes at 500 degrees. I chickened out b/c the radicchio was starting to get black in the center. Precooking the crust and adding the radicchio with only 4-5 minutes left to cook might make sense.  Anyway, I topped the hot pizza with finely grated pecorino – just a little – and it ended up being quite good. Still not the same as La Ciccia’s but much better than before. So, what to do about the radicchio burning? Perhaps a much shorter (than 30 seconds) blanch so it goes into the oven wet? Dunno. Anyway, enjoyed this one.

I had the rest of the Bordeaux from last night, except for what I had with lunch (holiday). You can see in the picture how incredibly light it is. Had a pear for dessert, which was lovely and refreshing.

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