Luxury cheese and bread to compensate for the City Council meeting – 22 February 2011

Well, the cheese and the baguette were superior. The City Council meeting was a headache, mostly b/c it is obvious the decision has already been made and we are just testifying so they can’t say we didn’t.

Last Saturday when I got to Cheese Board I bought myself a little round of Le Gariotin, a sumptuously delicious cheese to have for a quick dinner between the end of my lab and leaving for the CC meeting. Worth every one of the 1100 pennies it cost, this little round (I ate only half, or a little more, for dinner). I went to the Bowl on the way home from work and got an Acme rustic baguette. I was going to get a sourdough, but they were all out. This one was great, though. I kept 3/4 of it for sandwiches – froze two pieces and kept one out in the original bag for tomorrow.

I took out some picholine olives (from a previous Cheese Board trip, I think) and cut a little apple D bought into wedges for dessert.

I opened a bottle of Chateau Bonnet, a really nice white from the Bowl, which I need for its astringent properties after I teach 4 1/2 hours of classes on Tuesdays 😉 It was a pleasure to have it – even though very little of it b/c of having to testify at City Council. {{sigh}}

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