Personal Pizza with Romas, Feta, Corn, Lemon and Cilantro – 24 February 2011

I knew I could leave early enough to pay attention to a pizza today – even made a trip to the Bowl (in the rain – ok, just a little) before settling in. This is a Cheese Board recipe.

This dough defrosted all day, and was great. I bought Bulgarian feta for this recipe b/c it is opinionated and fights back effectively against all those other tastes. That said, I think I didn’t really put enough of it on the pizza.

This one starts with grated mozzarella (I used a total of 2 oz) perhaps 2/3 of the total, scattered over the crust (which I had precooked 1 1/2 minutes), then tomato slices (why did I even think of making tomato pizzas in February? maybe b/c they called for Romas?) corn – I used Niblets canned corn, perhaps 2T (which was a lot, but I like corn) and then the rest of the mozz and the feta. Cook 6ish more minutes, then strew chopped cilantro over the top and grated lemon rind, and squeeze lemon over the pizza. It’s really a nice one.

I had the leftover I had leftover Berkeley Bowl Pinot Noir with this. Also got a discounted bag of sugar snap peas at the Bowl so just washed a batch of them a had them uncooked for my veggie.


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