Personal pizza with zucchini, feta, corn, and cilantro – 25 February 2011

Continuing on the “feta and cilantro” theme, I made this excellent recipe from the Cheese Board cookbook.

It has one tiny zucchini in it, a couple T of canned (b/c it’s not summer) corn (Green Giant Niblets), tossed with red pepper flakes and pepper, Bulgarian feta from the Cheese Board, some underlying grated mozzarella, a little thin-sliced white onion. Lime is squeezed over the top after cooking, with cilantro to finish.

There is a description of this recipe already on 13 March (this is being written on the 15th) so I won’t write one in detail. However, I see I put garlic oil (white cup) on the crust in this one, which I neglected to do on the 13th. Here are the bottom layers, though: half the mozz (for this little pizza, about 2 oz total), the onion, and the zucchini.

I got out a Garnacha de Fuega from the Bowl, thinking it would like the spiciness of this pizza, and was not disappointed.








Try it – it’s delicious!

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