Grilled Lamb with lemon and thyme; pilaf; baby bok choi – 26 February 2011

I decided that grilled lamb would be a nice Saturday dinner to have with a good wine.

We get New Zealand boneless leg of lamb from Costco, and I immediately cut it into kebab-sized chunks and freeze them 6 to a packet – a nice single-serving size, so you can defrost one packet per person. I marinated the chunks with some thyme from the garden and fresh-squeezed lemon juice for a random amount of time – probably a half hour – at room temperature, while I got other things ready. I cut the bok choi leaves crosswise into strips maybe 3/4 inch wide and sauteed them in butter (should have added a little salt, as it turns out). I made a pilaf with 1 cup of rice sauteed briefly in a tablespoon or so of butter till the rice was coated, and then added hot (microwaved) water – I think it was 1 1/2 cups – and a chicken boullion cube, brought to a boil, and let simmer (covered) till the rice was cooked. I started the grill as soon as the rice was going, and grilled the lamb on a couple of skewers. It was a great meal!

I chose our well-loved Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo for a treat, and of course enjoyed it thoroughly.

{Written ~3 March}

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