Bread, cheese, and apples at Summitt – 3 March 2011

Well, this was not what we’d planned.

But R suddenly had to have surgery at 6pm (we assumed they’d say “ok, tomorrow morning”), so D and I had dinner in the family room at Summitt, a very nice room in a very nice hospital. Surgery – laproscopic, so minimally invasive – went well, and R was back home the next day (this is being written the 18th!).

When I got home from work, D pulled together a bunch of veggies and we muhcned on those. Then I pointed out that R had said to eat the loaf of bread he’d just baked on the 2nd and hadn’t had a chance to eat (the Acme bag is a re-use – R made the bread), so we should just pick that up when we got the stuff he wanted from his house, and bring some cheese and fruit to Summitt. So we did. Apple, tangerine, and I think the cheese was Prima Donna or Old Amsterdam. D even remembered to bring old plastic cups so we didn’t waste any there. Should have brought wine, but didn’t know if we’d be sitting in a hallway or something. Anyway, a pretty decent dinner, considering.

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