Leftovers, well used – 8 March 2011

I offered this morning that I would cook up the leftover semolina with bay, which for some reason D does not like to cook, and also make an avocado salad with an avocado I bought before D returned a week ago. He liked that idea, and offered to add in a mushroom sauce for the semolina patties, and a veggie.

We had the semolina for lunch Sunday, and D forgot to add the salt, so I scrumbled up the remaining paste (no mean feat) and shook salt over it, then smooshed back together into patties, which we cooked in butter. Yum! D sliced brown mushrooms and cooked them in butter, then added marsala at the end. He also cooked up some of the stems from the chard for last night’s pizza – boiled them, then tried to saute in butter, but realized he had not boiled them enough so added water back. I tore up some romaine and a couple leaves of green-leaf lettuce D bought, I think today, cut up an avocado and quite a few picholine olives, and made a dressing from a few tsp of that garlic/basil grapeseed oil I bought in May in SF, and some fresh-squeezed lemon juice, salt, and pepper. We had a tiny bit of leftover bread, too.

D chose a wine we think we got at the Bowl, relatively recently, a Tempranillo called Fenicio after the phoenecians who planted vines 3200 years earlier, or something like that. We liked the wine pretty well, but didn’t think it had anything to recommend it strongly.

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