World’s easiest pasta after a fabulous winetasting lunch at Donkey and Goat – 5 March 2011

A light dinner tonight!

We went to a lunchtime wine tasting at Donkey and Goat winery – to which we can walk from our house – and it was most extraordinary. Their wines are superb, and five remarkable dishes, to go with the five wines being tasted, were provided by the new Berkeley restaurant Gather. Each course was small, but together they were quite a bit of food. These wines are mostly not in our normal price range, but we bought some for very special occasions, and also to support this excellent, local winery.

So, dinnertime rolled around and we weren’t especially hungry. I made up some pasta sauce I learned from the book The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces by Diane Seed Recipes (Ten Speed Press)Heat a little olive oil, drop in a can of tomatoes (I used diced – easier), a little salt and pepper if needed, boil rapidly for 5 minutes (preserves bright red color, says the book – I tend to boil longer to thicken a bit, and b/c I never have the pasta ready). Toss in basil leaves near the end of the cooking time. Fabulous 🙂

We still had that great bread, and D brought up a wine we have really liked a lot. Unfortunately, it was not fair to the wine to have it after the Donkey and Goat tasting. What could compare??

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