Pizza with zucchini, corn, cilantro, and feta – 13 March 2011

We arranged that I would cook this pizza because we were about to run out of bread. We had some cilantro left over, in fact from the last time I made pizzas with cilantro, so I decided to do this one to use it up.

I used Green Giant Niblets corn, which now comes in a small can claiming to have as much corn as the 14 oz can did. Interesting. Its liquid is well below the level of the corn, but the corn stays moist enough. I drained about 3/8 cup or so of kernels in a little strainer, perhaps a bit more. The recipe (Cheese Board) calls for mixing the corn (which is supposed to be fresh, but this is March, not August) with red pepper flakes and pepper, which I did, but I always forget till late. I think letting them sit together might be a good idea. I used half the grated mozzarella that the recipe calls for (4 oz for this pizza), and a bit less than 3 oz Bulgarian feta from the Bowl (Cheese Board is closed on Sundays). Stack this way: [If I could stack that way…] half the mozz, thin sliced yellow onion, thin sliced zucchini (mine was maybe 6 inches long for this pizza), the rest of the mozz, crumbled feta, and corn. Bake (I baked the crust 1.5-2 mins before topping as usual) – my oven never turned off, and I didn’t check the temp, but it took longer to cook than the 6 mins I would have expected. After cooking: lime juice over the top – very important – and cilantro.

My limes lately have been almost juiceless. I used two, which is ridiculous. The first had so little juice that I zested the peel just in case. I then opened another lime and it seemed to have more juice, but I ended up tossing on the zest anyway. I think this may have been a mistake, b/c it was a bit on the bitter side, and I did taste an unfamiliar bitterness in the pizza. And a dearth of lime. Otherwise, it was quite good.

I wished aloud that we still had a Garnacha de Fuego, b/c I thought it would go well with this pizza, and D emerged form the cellar with one. Ask and it shall be given. I must have bought two last time I bought wine at the Bowl, or we bought two before we had tried it. It’s $7.50 – quite a deal!

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