Omelette with chives, and a Grocery Outlet wine tasting – 21 March 2011

D was late anyway, and called to say he was going to Grocery Outlet to pick up an Eric Stauffenegger wine that R had found there yesterday. It was a white Burgundy, so D thought he’d make an omelette to try it out with.

I clipped and washed up the first chives of the season from the garden while he was out. He made the omelette using white cheddar, chives, salt and pepper, and a little milk. Very simple. I toasted up and buttered some of the Acme sour batard that D bought, knowing it was softer in the middle than our bread and therefore easier for me to eat right now. I cut it into little cubes and it was fine. We also had one tiny tangerine each, and split a very good pear and a Fuji apple. A most excellent dinner!

Back to the wine: D arrived home saying “we’ve got a problem” and proceeded to unload not one, but four Stauffenegger wines. We tried out three of them. And disagreed about all of them 🙂 Except that it’s clear none is what it used to be. Here are the wines:

The left one – “Cuvee Garnacho” – tasted quite oxidized when first opened. I thought it mellowed out very nicely after that (odd, when exposed to yet more oxygen) but D still found it less than inviting. The Belle Poule I thought was the best of these three, with an inviting taste. The Burgundy, the one R originally found, was an odd taste, and I thought it did not like the fruit much, but D found it intriguing enough to consider buying another to test. We didn’t feel that any of them was so excellent and such a deal at this point (at about $9) that we would be crushed if we missed buying a bunch of them. What a shame… we are sure, knowing the importer, that these were excellent wines at one time.

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