Risotto with yellow and oyster mushrooms; long beans with onions – 25 March 2011

D was going to make this risotto last night but was discouraged because he got home so late. It was worth waiting for 🙂

To make the risotto, he cut up a garlic clove and a large shallot, and sauteed those and the mushrooms in butter and oil. The mushrooms were yellow-something from the Bowl (he doesn’t remember the name), and some oyster mushrooms that regrew from our little home-grown kit – bought in December 2009 and left, after its expected lifetime, on the lid of one of the compost bins – which keeps producing from time to time.

D removed the vegetables while cooking the riso in the residual oil and butter till it was well coated. Then he added a goodly splash of red wine – he guesses between 1/2 and 1 cup – the Garnacho from Grocery Outlet that we tried the other night. We thought it was beyond drinking age, but it would be good for cooking, and it was great in this. Then he cooked the risotto in defrosted turkey stock from some past holiday, and added back the vegetables. He topped the finished risotto with finely grated Romano.

The beans he cooked directly in butter and diced onions, with a bit of salt, and they were terrific. These are Asian long beans, not regular green beans, and D is experimenting this week with ways to cook them. This is the tastiest so far.







He pulled up a Quercy from Eric Stauffenegger that was excellent with the meal. It seems to be called Les Hauts Lastour (2007).

(The orange was a snack, not an ingredient.)

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