Polenta with sauteed mushrooms; avocado salad – 31 March 2011

The title is a guess, but not a bad one. This post was missing, and when I went to fill it in (this being the 7th of July) I found that my photos ended at 6:23 on the 31st of March. Impossible! Even if we’d been someplace unusual so I’d forgotten the dinner pic, I would have pictures from the surrounding adventure! Then I remembered the night my camera broke right when I tried to take the dinner picture. So D kindly loaned me one of his cameras, and I used it for the evening. I asked him for pictures from the 31st of March, and lo and behold, there they were. Different color and contrast issues than usual, but pix are fine for this.

However… what the heck is that next to the mushrooms? I looked back and found polenta on the 26th, and I am pretty confident that this would be refried, leftover polenta with sauteed mushrooms over/alongside it. The crispy bits don’t look like rice and the texture doesn’t look like potatoes, and besides, we always have polenta left over.

I see D also prepared a nice salad of romaine and avocados, with what looks like a balsamic vinaigrette.

The bread (Acme Pain au Levain) looked like a pirate, or Bread With Attitude, this evening.



We had Pascual Toso, a 2008 Argentinian Malbec that we get at Costco. No doubt it was good, but I will have to say I don’t remember at this point…

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