Pasta with leftover lamb and olives; pear and pecan salad – 3 April 2011

I didn’t write this up immediately, but I’ve psyched out a bunch of it from the photos and the context. D had not eaten all six of his lamb chunks the previous night – I think he kept two of them – and decided to make the rest into a pasta topping.

He cooked chopped shallots in oil – no doubt also garlic – and cut the lamb into smaller pieces and heated that in among the cooked shallots. I think there are Nicoise olives in there, too.

The salad was lettuce – looks like the smallest interior leaves of Romaine cut crosswise, in D’s fashion – with a pear split between the two of us, and pecan pieces over the top. I remember him commenting one time that our sherry vinegar was the best one we had, and it might have been for this salad. Lots of pepper, too, to go with the pears. We had done some planting of small lettuces, and I rescued the few that got broken and I was sure wouldn’t grow. Also, I had cleared a bunch of weeds and had by accident pulled up our lone, small, already seeding volunteer arugula plant, and so I put those leaves onto the salads, also.

That’s a no-knead bread, and it has some whole wheat in it, which typically is 1/6 of the flour in D’s breads.

The wine is one we got at Costco – I think that morning – and it’s a “Christmas wine” – my wine-of-the-month selection, each personally chosen by D.

{Written the 23rd}

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