Mexican dinner with the faculty – 4 April 2011

This was a wonderful dinner – great food, great company. I am not typically impressed by our catered dinners – they’re good, not scrumptious – but this one I totally enjoyed.

They served us a platter of small corn tortillas that were just hot enough, and wondrous things to go with and on them. The main filling was chicken pieces with onions and sweet pepper slices, cooked to great tenderness. The flavor was just right. There were vats of fresh salsa, black beans, guacamole and sour cream to add, and sides of Spanish rice and a salad that was corn with corn-sized chunks of I think cucumbers and jicama. Oh, there was also a plate with well-cooked portobello slices and more onions, and I happily had some of those. We had a chardonnay that I did not ask for the name of, unfortunately. I could only have one glass b/c I was supposed to say stuff after dinner {{sigh}}.

Dessert was extremely pretty, and tasted good, too. Furthermore, they served coffee right after the dessert, rather than serving coffee so early it got cold before the dessert came.

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