Pub dinner at home – 5 April 2011

I left work after 7:20 and arrived home before D, so I thought dinner (he’s cooking) would be rather late. He had a plan, however, and it was a really fun and yummy dinner.

He cut chunks of a cheese called Beemster that he’s gotten at the Bowl a couple of times, and half a large Fuji aple for each of us. He added cauliflower pieces, some slices of a fennel bulb (not strictly pub food) some Branston’s Pickle (strictly pub food!), and the cippolini he had left over from his dinner alone last night, while I was at a faculty event.

He cooked the cippolini in oil with thyme, and we had them cold. He added some herbed vinegar, which was subtle enough that I could not identify it.

This was not a wine dinner! D had bought some beer recommended by R, which I liked a lot. I’m not so much a beer drinker, but there are meals that are right with beers, and beers that I really enjoy.

OK, it’s an ale.

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