Kabocha squash stew with coconut, curry, and cilantro – 6 April 2011

D used up the last large hunk of kabocha squash in a dish similar to the first one, though much thicker.

He boiled the peeled squash pieces, and separately cooked onions in oil, adding mushroom slices and a small bit of eggplant he had around. When these were cooked, he poured in a can of coconut milk, and tapped in what looked like a lot (but apparently wasn’t) of curry powder and some cumin and cilantro. On the first such adventure, he used as much or more chicken broth as coconut milk, but tonight he didn’t add any stock, so it was very thick. He tossed more cilantro over the top after serving. Needed a smidgen of salt, but it was really delicious.

We had a Whitehall Lane Sauvignon Blanc that we bought at Costco, and it was quite nice. The label says it’s a family winery, but we thought they had been bought by a big foreign firm awhile back. Maybe they repurchased themselves. We used to visit the winery when we went to Napa. Perhaps we will do so again.

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