Omelette with cheese, ham, and chives; garden salad – 10 April 2011

D made another wonderful omelette for dinner, along with a lovely salad.

The bread is also his: a part-whole-wheat no-knead bread, I think also with Grape Nuts fines tossed in for a nice flavor and good nutrition besides.

I’m writing this the 13th, so was not sure I could recall what was in the omelette, but here I took a picture of the ingredients that D had ready to toss in:

I am pretty sure the cheese was a Rembrandt aged Gouda we got at Costco – they have some very good cheeses – and I definitely see some chives there. Some deli ham slices, too, and it looks like he cooked a bit of onion to add in.



Here are the salads in the making, on the kitchen island (which D also made…)

We were gardening all afternoon (likely why D resorted to an omelette – quick dinner) and he put a borage flower from one of many stems I took out of the tomato bed (they made a great, huge bouquet) an orange nasturtium flower I knocked off by accident, and the flowers and leaves from an arugula stem I missed seeing and tore out by accident.

And some lettuce, no doubt romaine. Here is a nice closeup 🙂 Oh, Ack! Fava beans! I got some plants at the Saturday Farmers’ Market several months ago for the heck of it, not b/c I thought they would work, but when we were tearing out stuff to make the garden visible again, D found several pods. We cook (“”) favas by taking them out of their pods, blanching them in their skins, (1 minute, or up to a few, if the beans are huge) and popping them out. they are an amazing, rich, fresh green color.

OK, we must have had wine with this… perhaps a leftover wine? Oh, it was a Nobilo that we got again at Costco – different label, though, and perhaps a different wine. It was only $8.99, while the other Nobilo had been over $11. I wonder what happened.



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