Grilled chicken breast pieces with oregano; pilaf; steamed artichokes – 12 April 2011

I called D from the Derby St. Farmers’ Market and asked if he wanted anything. I narrated my walk past a few booths, and he said “why don’t you get a couple of artichokes, and we can have those with the chicken.” So I did.

D defrosted a packet of two large chicken breasts from Costco, and sliced them, tossed with chopped oregano from the garden, salt and pepper, and grilled them on the range grill. There were also a few small pieces that he cooked in a pan, lest they fall through the grill cracks. He wondered aloud how to cook the artichokes, so I googled and read him a recipe from, which he went on to use. We had them with melted butter, which was unsalted but should have been salted butter in this case for better taste. He also made a pilaf, cooking onions in butter, then adding the basmati rice for a bit to coat it in the butter, then adding water and beef boullion, and some more oregano. It was very good.

We had a bit of leftover Nobilo, and compared it to (some of) a new bottle of Chateau Bonnet, which is principally a Sauvignon Blanc (Entre-Deux-Mers). We went back and forth about which was the better wine, but the artichoke may have been fighting the wines, and the Nobilo had been open for awhile (in a small bottlw w/o much air), so who knows.

D also made a new loaf of no-knead bread today – just plain white flour (King Arthur bread flour) but oh so delicious!

And beautiful, of course 🙂

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