Pasta with fresh tomato-basil sauce; salad of cauliflower and asparagus – 18 April 2011

D went to the Bowl today, and came across a bag of el-cheapo tomatoes (buy these to use today), so he made a pasta using those, with some of the basil left over from Saturday. The rest is just olive oil to cook the tomatoes, salt, and pepper.

The tomatoes are chopped, the oil is heated, and the tomatoes are cooked in the oil (S&P sometime…) and the basil is stirred in – whole leaves – at or near the end of the cooking. The salad is something of a rerun from Saturday. D chopped new veggies, but the dressing was some extra that was left over.

We had a new loaf of no-knead bread that D made today with 1/6 semolina flour. It had a wettish spot in the middle, which D wants to attribute to his having used so much semonlina, but I’m unconvinced. Of course, I know nothing about semolina…

D bought a Cotes du Rhone at the Bowl, but found it ever so slightly corked, and dug up a bottle of Monte Antico to have instead. D reminds me it’s principally a Sangiovese, and I think I can see that in the photo.

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