Potato and chard soup in lamb stock; cold veggies – 19 April 2011

D cooked a soup for himself and R the other day, and tonight he added chard to it for dinner. The soup was made from lamb stock, from the bones leftover from dinner on the 16th, with peppercorns, bay, and no doubt some onions. D had added Yukon Gold potatoes and mushrooms to the stock, along with lamb pieces, and tonight got some chard out of the garden for a new version of the soup. (I get to finish it off for lunch tomorrow.)

He made up some cold veggies from the fridge – a regular cauliflower and a green one I bought when the Bowl was out of regular ones and I decided that was a Sign to try a colorful one – a carrot slice – some thin-sliced fennel pieces – and chunks of a “bacon avocado”. D poured some balsamic vinaigrette over the veggies. He also added a piece of Rembrandt aged Gouda we got at Costco a couple weekends ago – really tasty cheese! The bread is a no-knead loaf D made yesterday.

We had leftover wines with this – the Monte Antico from last night, and D thinks the Tractor Shed Red from the middle ages. We actually liked that one better this time than when we opened it.

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