Spaghetti with tomato/hamburger sauce; salad with asparagus – 22 April 2011

D came home at six, but went out to work some more on kitchen cabinet doors, so he made a quick dinner when he came in at 7 or so.

He cooked some of the tomatoes from the “I’m going to go bad – buy me to use now” bag he bought the other day, and added a small can of tomato paste, some oregano from the garden, onions, garlic, parmaggiano, undrinkable wine, and 1/2 pound of hamburger from the freezer. He also made a refreshing salad of romaine, thin sliced and chopped red onions, and uncooked asparagus, with a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. Nice dinner 🙂

He got a Cotes du Rhone at the Bowl – actually replaced a previously bought wine that was corked. It was good, nothing fabulous, but only $9.95 so not expected to be earthshaking. We’re not entirely sure he got the same wine, but it was the same price and appellation, anyway.

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