Panini, fresh favas, and cold veggies – 27 April 2011

D and I met on the way home (I picked him up as he was walking home) and on the way, I asked him, “Are we having something good for dinner?” He said, “I hope so.” LOL! He is so good at coming up with a meal from whatever is on hand, and this was certainly no exception. In fact, it was an outstanding example.

He had bought an Acme sweet baguette for lunch with R and had some left. He sliced it crosswise, added Saag’s Virginia ham, Costco Comte cheese, some sundried tomatoes from the SF Ferry Building from my friend A, thin-sliced white mushrooms, and mayonnaise, and grilled the sandwich in my panini press. It was excellent! That would have been enough but…

He found fava beans at the Bowl – California ones are here, finally. He removed the large pods, boiled the beans in their skins very briefly (“threw them in the boiling water… took ’em out”) and popped them out of their skins, then tossed the beans with Basil and Garlic Grapeseed Oil from Chateau St. Jean in Sonoma (bought at Ghirardelli Square last May), Greek oregano, thyme, and winter savory from the garden. They were terrific! They reminded me of a dish from Potager that we make every year or two, with favas, artichoke hearts, and tons of fresh herbs. But this was much easier! The nice little knife is because I am still not allowed to bite into things, following my gum surgery on my incisors in March – but soon! Anyway, I have to eat sandwiches by cutting them into pieces. Worth the effort this time, for sure! The mysterious little round thing is a slice from near the end of the baguette. There are also half-radishes in three colors, celery, and cauliflower.

We had leftover wines – two very good ones – the Arnout?? and last night’s earthy one. What a great dinner!

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