Pizza at Pizzeria Delfina; deep fried young favas – 1 May 2011

For our anniversary, D suggested we run into the city for pizza at Delfina. We’d had an outstanding Margherita there for lunch in January. We actually went to the other Pizzeria Delfina this time. The one we went to before would have been a cable car adventure, but the California line was not running. We went to the one in the Mission district, which was just a few blocks from a BART station.

I’d seen some reviews that said the prosciutto pie was one of their best, so we had that. We also ordered (after seeing someone else’s delivered) their young favas appetizer. The favas were still in their pods, and were breaded with a very light and lovely dough and deep fried. They were served with a dish of aioli. We ate too many of them while they were still hot. After they cooled down, we realized what a wonderful fava taste was really there.

The prosciutto pie was really good, but we thought the Margherita we had previously was more sumptuous. We want to try the Salsiccia one next time. This one was gorgeous, though!

We had a good wine with this, but it was not something to write home about.

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