Two cheeses from The Cheese Board; salad of dandelion greens in anchovy dressing with garlic croutons – 2 May 2011

We had planned to eat up the rest of some lovely cheeses that we had for lunch on Sunday, but D also added a very interesting new salad.

The picture shows only the salad, which consisted of dandelion greens which volunteered (as dandelions do) in the front yard, tossed in a dressing of smashed anchovies and garlic, with olive oil (no vinegar!), along with croutons cut from a fresh Acme Bread Pain au Levain, and sauteed in olive oil, with the addition of rosemary, thyme, oregano, and salt. The salad was most excellent, though I think I would have reduced the amount of anchovies.

We had two cheeses: Le Gariotin, from France, and “Cremont” a creamy brie from Vermont. Both are excellent. We found on Sunday that Le Gariotin really got along well with one of my favorite Trader Joe’s wines, Valreas, which was not happy with Cremont, interestingly. The Cremont was a bit bolder and sharper, but it’s possible it had aged more than usual. We also had a nice set of cold veggies: fennel, cauliflower, carrot, English cucumber, and some radishes.

D chose a Spanish wine to go with this – one we’ve had before, “Borsao.” We enjoyed it, but I think the Valreas was a better match to Le Gariotin. The Borsao was perhaps more even-handed, not liking the Le Gariotin quite as much, but being a lot happier about the Cremont than the Valreas was.

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